I was born in Dallas, and no one in my family was particularly fond of horses.  But our neighbors had a quarter
horse mare, which they occasionally let me ride.  As far back as I can remember, I've been horse crazy.  The
neighbors took me to horse races in Frisco, rodeos in Mesquite, and cutting horse shows at the Fair Park Coliseum.
One of my most vivid childhood memories was a visit to the famed Waggoner Ranch in Vernon, Texas where I was
allowed to have my picture taken with the immortal
Poco Bueno.
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My parents ultimately realized that my interest in horses was abiding, and one
year for my birthday, they bought me a horse—a quarter horse mare named
Bryan's Sugar.  Sugar was only five years old and not the best mount for an
inexperienced rider. Nonetheless, she taught me the basics, and I rode her all
over our part of the county.  Sugar was retired to our backyard when I left for

Horses were not physically in my life for the decade I spent in various
universities, but in the last year of my doctoral work in the business school at
Indiana University, I said to myself, "If I ever get out of here, I'm going to take
riding lessons and buy myself another horse."
Poco Bueno & Me
My first job after graduate school as an Assistant Professor in the business school at
the University of Texas at Austin brought me back to Texas, and it was in Austin I
started studying dressage—first on lesson horses, then later on a thoroughbred
named "Top Hat."

After marrying my husband (attorney, Pat Nester), and having a child (Leah), I
decided I was ready for a very special horse.  I immediately thought of the PRE
because I had always had an intense interest in Latin America, and I had traveled to
several South American countries and throughout Mexico.   I had first seen Spanish
horses in Colombia while visiting my college friend and horseman, Luis Guillermo
Top Hat & Leah
My search for a PRE led me to USDF ‘L’ judge, Sherry Spielmaker (then Sorum) in Pflugerville, Texas who was
breeding PREs at her farm in Pflugerville, Texas—Elysian Acres Andalusians—and competing them in open
dressage.  Not having anything for sale at the time I was looking, Sherry referred me to
Gremlan Farms, and as luck
would have it, they had a perfect horse for me,
Odilon JIM.

In 1999, I convinced my husband to move to the country so I could have my horses at home.   Thanks to a tip from
our realtor friend,
Ann Oppenlander, who had already moved outside of Austin with her horses, we found our farm
on the first outing—a 28 acre quintessential Texas Hill Country property with a wacky underground house under
construction in Driftwood, not too far from Austin.  The house and barn were finished in 2000, and we  moved to
the farm that year with just two horses—Odilon JIM and my retired thoroughbred gelding, Top Hat.

The next PRE horse to arrive on the farm was Odilon’s daughter, Apolonaria BFM—a product of a breeding to a
mare Sherry Spielmaker had generously leased to me.  Over the next few years, I purchased or leased four more
PRE mares from Sherry when health and related financial issues resulted in the closing of her farm.

For the past few years, the development of my breeding program has been my primary focus, and while the
learning curve has been rather steep, I am pleased to say I now perform almost all of the breeding tasks myself—-
semen collection, supervising live covers, palpation, artificial insemination, flushing mares—everything except
ultrasounds and lab work.  

In addition to managing the farm full-time, I continue to work in my professional field and try to ride as much as I
can.  I am an active member of
The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse , and I am currently serving on the  
Membership Committee of the
International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).  I also maintain
memberships in the  
United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and the Central Texas Dressage Society.   
Bryan's Sugar
Top Hat
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