Blue Fire Moon Farm offers boarding of retired
geldings and mares on a limited basis.  The  
farm is surrounded on its two longest sides by
large ranches, and it is set well off major
roads.  There is limited cross-fencing, so the
feeling of the farm is that of the open-range.  

Retired horses spend most of their time
outdoors, but have access to shelter during
inclement weather.  

Boarding rates are based on actual costs to
maintain condition, so each horse has a
different board rate.  Generally, rates are
between $250 and $350/month, and include
two feedings a day and free choice Coastal or
Tifton round bales.  Deworming, farrier and
other services are available at reasonable fees.

Due to the persistent drought and wear and
tear on the land, we are not accepting new
retired horses at this time.  

Contact me for more information.  
Boarding Retired Horses
Retired horses, "Rebel" and "Top Hat" and their
donkey buddy, "Hercules."  Both horses, well into
their 30s, reached the Rainbow Bridge in 2008.  
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Retirees Nells, Sam, and Misty, March 2012 with
2012 PRE colt, Sebastian BFM taking a swim.