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I am indebted to my friend and colleague, USDF L Graduate, Sherry Spielmaker, for teaching me
about the PRE horse.  Sherry was among the first persons in the United States to use the PRE in
dressage, and she helped me select my first PRE, my stallion Odilon JIM.  

All of my PRE broodmares are products of Sherry's breeding program.  Her foundation horses
were selected for their expressive front limb movement balanced by powerful impulsion, good
walks, straight extensions, and superb temperaments.  
Indiano XVIII (Cazador x Bondadosa II)
1985 PRE Stallion, 16 h, Grey

Indiano XVIII is known as the "Lion of Spain," and he was undefeated there
in conformation and movement and was twice National Champion.  He was
also National Champion of Mexico.  His pedigree is pure Romero Benitez, a
line known for producing dressage horses of international quality.

Renowned for the incredible lift and elasticity of his movement, he is the sire
of my stallion Odilon JIM and the grandsire of three of my mares.  He was
owned by the
Indiano Syndicate in the United States until his death in 2012.
Centella VI (Rebote II x Centella IV)
1982 PRE Stallion, 16.3 h, Grey (Deceased)

Centella was a champion in Spain and represents the famous
Guardiola line.
Guardiola horses are known for their size, power, and straight movement.  
Centella was imported by Jerry Dale (JD Equestrian Center), but he spent the
last two years of his illustrious life at  Elizabeth Kaufman's  
New Prospect
Ranch in Wellington, Colorado.  Elizabeth owns some of the last offspring of
Centella VI, including the spectacular young stallion, Centella JDE. Centella
is the sire of my mare, Asphodel EA..
Indiano XVIII
Centella VI
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1980 PRE Stallion, 15.2 h, Grey (Deceased)

Banbury Brio was owned by Jana Baumaster-Gaber's Unicorn Valley Farm
(UVF) and was bred by Banbury Cross Farms from mainly
Terry lines. He is
related to some of the best known horses of Spain. His athleticism was proven
in his long, successful performance career. Brio was a consistent winner of
Performance High Points at Andalusian and Open shows. He  was a winner in
dressage through second level, but his outstanding jumping ability took him
from dressage to combined training and show jumping where he competed
through Preliminary level.

As the sire of one of my mares and the grandsire of three others, Brio figures
very prominently in my breeding  program, and I am very pleased with how
his bloodlines have crossed with the other dominant line of my farm--Indiano
Banbury Brio